Why make a Jade Web shrine? Well, mostly because I have a habit of making webpages to characters I like, and also, I've never seen one dedicated to the character -- actually there are very few character related websites out there to begin with, with is a rather sad thing in my opinion, but anyway.

Jade wasn't always my favorite character, until I knew she existed I liked Mileena, well, actually, I liked Kitana before that but my cousin always used her so I played with the clone-twin. Then I saw the secret character, but I could never get to her. Everything changed when Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 came around, I started to use her and just got hooked. Green isn't even my favorite color believe it or not, purple is, but that doesn't matter much. The staff weapon is one of my favorites, and her Animality is even of my favorite animal.

I really just enjoy the character all around, I love her story how she went from being evil to good, yet she is still rather mysterious and we don't know everything about her yet -- maybe that's what I love the most.